About Us


To exemplify and Leadership in Education.


Our Mission is to serve society through excellence in education. We always aim to define, and continually refine, the absolute standard of excellence in the area of academics through..

  • The quality of education we provide.
  • The efficiency of our methodologies and systems.
  • Truthfulness towards students, parent, society and nation.
  • In our students, we aspire to instill the attitudes, values, and vision that will prepare them for lifetimes of continued learning and leadership in their chosen careers.

Our Values

The Administration, faculty and staff of the Shivaji International School share a set of core beliefs and commitments.
We believe in

  • Student Success.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Respect, Integrity, Trust, Honesty and Ethical Behavior.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement.
  • Excellence.


The term education encompasses more than just knowledge and information. In this advanced world of information explosion a right blend of academ

ic arts, sports, emotions , attitude and creativity is must. In sync with this ideology SIS focuses on a 3600 development of our students.

As an educator I had an earnest desire to build an institution where in an education system blended in all colors of human values could be given to both the urban and rural students. A school which has a scenic ambiance and fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city but excellent in all aspect of development was my dream and I see SIS molding and taking shape in exactly the way I envisioned.

The true values of lessons learn and imbibing the sports man spirit is learn both indoors and outdoors at SIS. We ensure that our student excel in both allowing them to Arise and Ascend!!!

-Mr.Sominath Rahane


Today SIS is one of the fastest growing schools of the city because of the high standards. it has set for itself in providing excellent education and lining up to its school motto “To exemplify and Leadership in Education.”.

I believe in the adage ” Excellence is never an accident its always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligence direction and skillful execution.”

SIS follows this ideology. We are striving to provide a high quality learning experience to our students. It is our constant endeavor to impart world class education through modern amenities and advanced technology.

-Mr.Kedar Rahane


Today, education system not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower the students to setup their career through learning. scholastic as well as co-scholastic concept we have already adopted at different levels. Students are the assets of an ever changing global society each & every student talents,skills &  ability  need to be observed & motivate them in such a way that has to reach at greater height. Students are deserved to get good platform to think & explore their ideas.

Definitely we can evaluate one thing that if the students are harnessing in such kind of atmosphere there is lots of possibility of becoming responsible citizens & can contribute something for the society. Beyond that helpful to create confidence & determination to obtain their goals. By focusing on their goals let them move forward then they will get pleasure to  observe their dreams & later it will comes into reality.

In our curriculum students centric approach will lead to explore their scientific skill.Teachers are using good pedagogy that will effect in the classrooms. School & home are the most important  factors to strength their power and future.

Confidently I can assure one thing that our main vision & mission is to promote team spirit & create sense of responsibility. Our SIS staff are so alert to fulfill the dream of parents by providing excellent educations.

Let’s celebrate talent… celebrate Life… 

-Mrs.Sreelatha Nandakumar Nair

We Commit Ourseleves to

  • Prepare student for the future. 
  • Impart knowledge on which students can build bright career.
  • Treat everyone with repect and fairness.
  • Exemplify our values by serving as teachers and role models.

Our approach to coporatre reponsibility…