Annual Report

Achievements :

SIS got award for the sports competition in district as well as state level for various games. In the field of drawing also we good achievement many students have participated for Intermediary and Elementary Examination we could score 95% result at overall level.

Our student Mast. Rushi Pardesi participated in National level Base Ball at Ujjain (MP), Ms. Poornima Kasliwal, Mast. Divyesh Dhabale, Mast. Sudeep Gangurde, Mast. Pruthwiraj Wanarase and Mast. Mihir Jadhav Participated in National level Soft Ball at Indore (MP).

Mast. Ajinkya Tompe participated in National level Boxing Competition. There are 10 students have been participated in state level Base Ball which is held in Nanded (MS).

Academic Achievement :

Many Competitive Examinations have already conducted students performed their role very well for Competitive Examination. In Maharashtra State Board Scholarship Examination students performed very well.

Co - Curricular Achievements :

We have different clubs such as Eco, Heritage, Art, Music and Reading Club. Thrice in a month used to conduct club activities, teachers can inspire the students to develop their creativity through different clubs. Students performed their level best for different competition such as Music, Art, Speech, Debate, Handwriting and Science Exhibition.

Innovative Practices in School :

School providing good training session to the teachers the topics related with the ethics and integrity, classroom management, life skill and how to use modern techniques in education field. We have good curriculum planning and using innovative ideas in the classroom. while interacting with students in a classroom most of the time are using digital technology and surely this is helpful for students to clear the concept easily.

We have good library and to make sure that students read the books that is helpful for them to present their ideas in assembly beyond that write short stories regarding whatever they have read. we have good lesson planning to teach the students in a systematic manner, we have a system that can send daily details of students to parents regarding homework and other notification through WhatsApp.