For us, education is…
More than the curriculum, as we firmly believe in grooming our children with right values, the right ethics and the right attitude thereby assuring that they are responsible, competent, honest, humane, enterprising, perceptive and emotionally strong individuals of tomorrow.

Yes, we encourage our students to be academically sound and enthusiastic, However at the same time we motivate them to be involved in as many activities as possible. Be it sports & co curricular activities as participation helps them to discover and unleash their talents, build team spirit and initiate leadership skill.

Parents have wholeheartedly cooperated & supported us to fulfill our mission & motto, where on one hand the faculty frequently interacts with the parents and on the other, our teachers never cease to extend their hands beyond the realms of the class room, bonding naturally with the students. Shivaji International school is established in 2014.

The purpose of Shivaji International School is

  •   Develop creative skills.
  •   Promote academic, social, physical and personal growth.
  •   Teach learning skills which will be of lifelong value.
  •   Develop the ability to think and communicate with clarity and precision.
  •   Provide opportunities to explore moral and health issues.

The Managing Committee

Trustee Designation
Mr. Sominath Trimbak Rahane President
Ms. Lalita Anil Jadhav Vice President
Mr. Kedar Sominath Rahane Secretary
Mrs. Pushpa Dnyaneshwar Golhar Joint Secretary
Ms. Lata Uttam Kamble Treasurer
Mrs. Urmila Kedar Rahane Treasurer
Mrs. Jyoti Sudhakar Gayake Member
Mrs. Anita Sachin Rahane Member